Why Choose Apple Valley?

25 Years of Experience

Leonard Sarsfield started making pies in 1980 with his wife, Fran, in the kitchen of their apple farm. Their success expanded rapidly to become a $16,000,000 pie company, the largest pie manufacturer in Canada. The key to their success was mass produced pies with "homemade" quality.

In 1991, Leonard Sarsfield sold his pie operation to focus on the orchards and fruit development. In 1999, Jeff Sarsfield started up the family tradition again and Apple Valley Foods Inc. was born. In order to grow the North American business, Apple Valley partnered with another family business, Harlan Bakeries in 2002.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

A 43,000 square foot plant and warehouse facility ensures fast, consistent quality product! The plant also has ovens on site to offer complete baked good convenience.

With experienced staff and the best equipment available, the best pie is consistently produced.

Sarsfield Orchards

Family owned and operated, ensuring quality control and production supply of apples! On 220 acres of rich farm land in the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Sarsfield Orchards is the largest grower of Spy Apples in Atlantic Canada.

Commitment to Product Innovation

Apple Valley is continually researching consumer trends and exploring customer needs to drive industry growth. In response to the growing "decadent dessert" trend, innovative varieties are already in the works. Small enough to adapt to changing needs, yet technically advanced to be able to offer competitive pricing and superior customer service.

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